Game Operation Services

Working for your game projects onsite and remotely.

You can hire me on site or remotely on Upwork hourly.

My game services for your game project?

Game Quality Assurance (Game QA), I can test your game by quality assurance requirements to improve the quality of your game in terms of user interface quality (UI), and user experience quality (UX). Occlusion error fixes, Collider error fixes e.t.c.

Game Production and Live Process Operations, Before you put your game on live or anything to publish to live, I will do it and I can handle the process to operate your game.

Game Glitches and Bugs Detection, I can detect, repair, and test the situations of your game assets. If any glitches, bugs, and/or problems occur, I took notes, I try to repair and I can report it to your back-end game crew with a very good detailled information. Because it's needed to be certain about what's really broken or failure before getting to fix it. It can be a feature on purpose. So, this needs an engineering approach to make a decision.

Daily Gaming Tests, I test new player sign up page every day to be sure about everything is going on well. I open new game accounts, and being sure about gamers experience is good or bad every day.

Game Complainment Ticket Manager, If your game players are creating some game tickets to complain about something or requesting new features or having some payment problems, I'm here to answer your customer's questions. Consider me as a technical help desk for solving gamers unable to play your game, I will let them play your game in terms of technical problem solving.

Game Coding, I can code your came in these languages: C, C++, C#, Roblox Luau, LUA, Python, Java for Android, JSON files, XML, XML for User Interface Designing

Game Engine Using, I can be your game engine enthusiast to understand the game engine's working style, and I can make new games via using the game engine.

Roblox Studio and Roblox Game Programming, I will use Roblox Studio to help your Roblox coding difficulties. I'm good at Roblox advertising, and I can test your Roblox game creations. I can help you coding Roblox Studio with LUAU coding language.

Game Renderman Services, I can render your game scene with a computer using 3D Studio Max Design, Autodesk's AutoCAD, Autodesk's Maya, Catia, Solidworks. Orlando Renderman person is here!

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