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Electrical-Electronics Engineer (M.Sc.) in Orlando Florida and ready to work for you.

Location: Alafaya Trail, Avalon Park, East Colonial, East Orlando, Central Florida

Contact: &

I'm located near Avalon Park, Alafaya Trail, Timber Springs. This means, I can go to your workplace and your house to help your work needs. Instagram: bayyolal

I can wash and iron your clothes, if you got no time or in a hurry, I'm here to care your dity clothes to clean them back at you. Your washing machine can be broken on any time, and I'm here to help you to clean your clothes. Please make a contact with me. Washing 30 minutes, drying 2 hours, ironing 30 minutes in the end of 3 hours, you are all set!

Orlando Bicycle Wheel Repair, bicycle wheel inner tube repair, detecting bicycle wheel problems for East Orlando side. I have bicycle repair tools, and I can go near you to fix where you are. You can reach me on Instagram: bayyolal to send a direct message by text. You can also ask for scooter, bicycle, skateboards to repair.

Orlando Scooter Repair, At this time, I can only diagnose the problem. Generally I need to order new parts to take care of your scooter. I need to examine the problem first. Then, I will say what I can do.

Household Electronics Repair, kitchen disposal replacement, bulbs, LED cabinet light repairment, configuring television. Fixing TV remote control.

Private Car Driver and private chauffeur, if you have a car and looking for someone to drive daily, weekly driver renting, or seasonal car driver rent, I can help. I can drive your car (No CDL) for you to help your tasks.

Basic Car Repairment, I can change your car bottom engine cover plastic as I did before for Toyota Corolla. Consider me for some entry level car repair like installing a dashcam into your car. I can clean your car.

House Cleaning and House Moving, I can help you to clean your workplace and your household. Using vacuum cleaner to clean your house. If you want to move your house, I can help for your U-Haul loads and loads off. I help you to get in your new house.

Do you need ice cubes?, I can provide you ice boxes. My refrigerator makes ice cubes, and ice crunchies. Please let me know before you want to get some ice. I can prepare so many ice cubes for you.

Electronics Teaching, I can teach you how to make circuit board soldering, wire soldering, cable soldering, hot air soldering, how to repair electronic circuit boards, and I'm good at teaching PLC for Siemens Tia Portal S7-1200 series with HMI screen programming.

Orlando Private Teaching Lessons, I can teach you mathematics, PLC, Scada, Fiber Optic courses, control and automation courses in orlando, engineering, autocad, math, fundamentals of electronics, and I can teach you music with Studio One program.

Learn Turkish Language Teaching, In Orlando, Florida and all around the world. If you want to learn Turkish language, I'm here to teach you Turkish language. Please DM me on Instagram. Get Turkish learning book download today

Car Driving Lessons: We can make more practice with you to teach you how to drive a car. I have a car to teach you how to drive in Orlando, Florida. I will teach you how to drive a car, a scooter, an e-bike, and I can teach you how to ride a bicycle that you will never forget. Instagram: bayyolal

Personal Care: I can shave your beard. I can comb your hair, and style your hair. I can cut your hair. I'm making a scrub and wash you in a shower. I give a back bone massage. I can wash your clothes in a washing machine then I can iron your clothes. I can help you wear dresses like a personal assistant.

Other services not limited to: Windows computer formatting, Windows computer back-up and recovery, Windows computer building up, data recovery, data mining and examining, electronics equipment repair, component maintenance manual repairing, technical support and technical consultation, hard disc USB connection providing, Office equipment, Microsoft Office products needs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Paint, PDF files creation), parts repair, units repair, preventative maintenance providing. I clean your house with a vacuum cleaner. I will be with you for new exhibition openings as being a cavalier partner. When I wear suit, I become so handsome next to you.


Hello, my name is Onur YOLAL, and I'm new in Orlando, Florida since July 2023. I'm looking for a job as an (M.Sc.) electronics engineer . I have Linkedin and Upwork profiles that you can hire me directly. I have got American Green Card - Permanent Visa currently allows me to work legally, and also I have got SSN - Social Security Number. You can check my skills and abilities for potential work opportunities in Orlando-based, but also surrounding counties of Orlando, Florida.

Skills & Abilities



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I Offer Fast and Practical Engineering Solutions. Some of them:

I can format and care your computer.
I can format your computer, reinstall the operating system, and perform basic maintenance on your computer. I can install Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10 operating systems. I can install Ubuntu operating system for your computer. I can clean viruses and malware from your computers. I can create C and D folders on your computer. I can install the necessary software on your computer. I list the top models of computer hardware parts. I can install the video card driver(s) for your computer. The same goes for tablet computers.

I can do your SPSS data analysis.
I can do SPSS basic statistics, tabulations, survey question preparation, survey reliability, research confidence tests, explanatory ratio determination, KMO and Bartlett's tests, factor analyses, SPSS regression analyses, survey reliability rates, correlation and ANOVA tabulations and reporting for you.

I can work as a SCADA operator.
I can control and maintain your industrial and industry-oriented computer-controlled remote communication structures. I can read your OTDR device meaningfully.

I can do all laboratory operations regarding your Oscilloscope and Signal Generator.
I can ensure that you see the oscilloscope screen on the computer screen, take the FFT Fourier transform on the oscilloscope screen, perform four operations, basic mathematical calculations on the oscilloscope, save data sets from the oscilloscope to flash memory, make measurements with the probe, and produce the desired signal in the signal generator.

Autodesk's AutoCAD Drawings
I can make AutoCAD computer-aided drawing and design applications.
I can help you with AutoCAD and Lisp operations, floor plan drawings, and answer your questions about AutoCAD.

YouTube Channels Social Media Management
I can manage your YouTube channel at an advanced level with a corporate identity.
Increasing your recognition and awareness on YouTube, preparing videos, and broadcasting live are my middle steps :)

Other services that I can provide for your needs
I can do your child's Scratch homework assigned at school.
I can write lyrics for your song and turn it into a composition.
I can delete posts on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn account.
I can maintain your Electrical and Electronic devices.
I can help you with your Electrical and Electronics Engineering university courses, assignments, thesis studies and seminars.
I can teach you Hungarian and Turkish language.
I can teach you how to solve Sudoku.
I can teach you to solve the Scribble puzzle.
Your Matlab Simulink assignments, reporting, GUI creation efforts with Matlab
Your computer-aided design works with SokidWorks
Your computer-aided design works with NX CAD
Circuit designs and basic logic with Parsic
Advanced electronic applications with Orcad Cadence
Android application developments
Vlsi concept designs up to 0.25 micronmeter with Tanner Tools.
Designing electrical circuits, developing microcontroller code and building electronic circuits with Proteus
Designing electrical circuits with Fritzing
Your Arduino projects and assignments
Your Raspberry Pi projects
Your 3D designs, renderings & videos

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