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These are all of the products that I produce for your needs as a service (PaaS), you can directly buy these products below, and I send them for your needs. I can also install it for your business or your work.

Professional Kitchen Timer (Tablet + Software) I program you to use!

Timer App by Bay Yolal for Android Tablet for sale Timer App by Bay Yolal for Android Tablet for sale Timer App by Bay Yolal for Android Tablet for sale

Price tag: 49$ - fourty nine dollars (tax included, may exclude the delivery fee)

Description: This is a touchscreen tablet. It is running Android OS (Operation system), I code an Android App called "Kitchen Timer". I'm located near Avalon Park, Alafaya Trail, Timber Springs. This means, I can go to your workplace and your house to help your work needs. Contact me on Instagram: bayyolal

How it works?:When you need a duration, simply tap on a screen with your finger to set a timer. Then, the timer begins counting down till zero. After the timer reaches zero, the tablet makes a loud alarm sound to make you remember to do something in your kitchen.

Where to use?: Use this touchscreen tablet with a Timer App in your business, kitchen, car, house, dormitory, university, laboratuary needs, research and development based needs.

Android Tablet Timer App is my own software development and handwork. So, this is a very high need for a restaurant I made before. The restaurant wanted me to develop an app with 1 hour long but separated and detailed timer options. So, from 15 seconds to 55 minutes, you can click on screen buttons, the timer sets on top, and then it makes an alarm sound loudly. If you need something like this and/or different but approximately like this, I can program the tablet as you wish and you can no longer burn your own cook food. This timer is not only for a kitchen need, just your daily life helper.

Reason of this product exist: Never burn or forget your own food in an owen. This timer app will remind you to make you remember for the things you are about to forget in your daily kitchen needs such as a food in an owen, or a food on a cook.

Device: When you buy, you will get an Android tablet with a touchscreen, and Android App called Timer App loaded in the tablet. If you have your own Android tablet, I can only provide you my Kitchen Timer Application.

What you will get: Tablet + USB cable + USB Charging 5V adapter + Software installed (No wifi internet connection is needed) + Double sided tape for wall hanging on

Delivery: I deliver to your address if you are near to zip code 32828 Alafaya Trail and Avalon Park Blvd, or I can send via UPS or USPS by a postal mail with covering bubble nylons.

Selling location: I'm located in near Avalon Park Blvd, East Orlando, Central Florida, The United States of America.

Warranty: I test the tablet before sending it to you. I can also provide you remote updates for a month within after your purchase. I can customize by your needs. When you need any updates, please contact with me.

Customizable?: Yes, I can customize it for you for a month limited. Text me for any tablet needs.

Payment: Cash, Zelle, Amazon Gift Card

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